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One who has more money than they know what to do with, or appears that way. Possibly ghetto rich.
Damn, that guy is stacked in cash, he's got that new E-Class on dubs.
by Grandpa December 01, 2002
Slatchel is the ultimate phrase.It has an endless amount of meanings.Often used by the citizens of Batavia, Il.
"Lets go slatchel some slatchel fuel."
"Eww I got slatchel all over my hand."
"Look how slatcheled that guys is!"
by Grandpa December 07, 2003
Nice little IRC Chat Network for teens.
Place for teens and pre-teens to chat and have fun in a protected enviorment without the pervs hanging around.
I'm going to starfusion to chat.
by GrandPa November 07, 2003
Jeff Smoltz
This is awkward
by Grandpa September 18, 2003
Methamphetamine. Used to describe the gag reflex which can be triggered by the extreme burning sensation of the nasal passages and bitter taste of meth when snorted.
Ever seen the movie, "The Salton Sea"? There's a character called Poo-Bear who snorted so much gack that the doctors had to cut off his nose.
by grandpa July 13, 2003
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