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The name of the best game ever made. Usually used to describe perfection. Opposite to Finaly Fantasy 8.
1. That girl Nadia is sooo xenogears, glad i met her in my lifetime.

2. You call this a xenogears, this program of yours is worse than a final fantasy 8.
by grahf October 11, 2003
Adding many unnecessary letters to a word for emphasis. Accentuate every normal consonant with t, s, c, h, w, k, or whatever you find appropriate. There are two varieties of Barthification: Normal and Extreme. Normal Barthification results in a word that sounds very much like the original when read. Extreme Barthification results in a word that is very different and hard to interpret.

Named after the pioneer of Barthification, Edward Alan Bartholomew.
(Normal) Wench = Whaiyentsches
(Extreme) Motorcyclists = Schmouyaiwoutouieyaierschtaiyaicktuelleyeischtes
by Grahf March 01, 2005
Version of the word "wench" using Normal Barthification. A vulgar, devious, oftentimes promiscuous woman.
Roshan, hyou awre sowtch eh whaiyentsches.
by Grahf March 01, 2005
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