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Principal city of Sulawesi, capital of Southern Sulawesi (Sul-Sel), Celebes. Also the antipodean point of Barbados and the name for paradise or heaven.
That trip was paradise man, the real makassar.
by graham dungworth June 07, 2003
to confuse and create chaos out of order
The Gordon Brown five mucking fuddle test of euro entry.
by graham dungworth June 09, 2003
the generic name for a word whose meaning is not known.
Foreign languages are full of scamel.
by graham dungworth June 07, 2003
to be full of energy, the opposite of inert.
They are a highly motivated ert group of dealers
by graham dungworth June 07, 2003
the barren area or place(lugar) of land within or surrounded by an urban sprawl, devoid of either tree, shrub or grass. Its derivation is certainly Arabic and refers to a barren desert like place on which nothing grows.Although now extant the Caribs adopted it as a Spanish loan word in the seventeenth century, undoubtedly from a translation of Cervantes' "Don Quijote" where it occurs in the first 12 words of this immortal book "en un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre, no accordarme.....". Regrettably, lugar was superceeded by the English "place". Both words can lay claim to being the not only the first words of a new creole, yet to become American/African/British Urban, but their first and oldest autographed appearance in the translation of any novel.
The pronunciation manker(as in hanker and the obscenity w.....) is closer to the Arabic manxa than the current Spanish pronunciation Mancha, and it should be stated that the 1616 first edition utilises manxa.
It would be a great pity if this word and its already extinct companion lugar were to give up the ghost, by that I mean die, as Don Quijote said.
Take it out of the garage and throw it on the manker.
Not in the house. Manker it outside.
by graham dungworth June 06, 2003

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