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unique or eccentric, or both
immovable and unstoppable
gigantic or impossible to surpass

things that are of rosko quality can only be handled by someone who is also of rosko quality
did you see him down that rosko beer?

yah thats a rosko
by gr4ndk4i November 26, 2006
a beer that really isnt a beer, just enjoyed in equal quantity
a beer that is made by pouring various types of liquor into a cup equaling a minimum of 12oz, up to 20oz.
occasionally a small amount of mixer may be added for additional flavor.

generally 1 rosko beer is all anyone needs for a party lasting 10 hours or more.

extreme caution must be employed when enjoying a rosko beer, as 1 is sufficient to overwhelm a large majority of individuals.
wow, is he making a rosko beer?

man that rosko beer fucked me up. i dont need to drink for a week.
by gr4ndk4i November 26, 2006
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