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The side effect of lengthy love making were the natural lubricants of the partners begin to fail and "gum" up.
"Although she didn't mind the love crumbs, being chaffed to death was another matter.."
by gordy May 10, 2007
v. Conjunction: of Fucked Up and Bungle


similar to munge
Damn, he really fungled his code for his signature.
by gordy May 04, 2004
Pronunciation: 'vä-"ment
Function: noun or verb
Etymology: Conjunction of vommit and comment.
1. Vulgar, inane, off-topic, rambling comments to blogs, forums, news, reviews, etc. 2.verb -ment·ing, -ment·ed the act (tense) of numerous comments (vomments) to an internet body of work, articles, blogs, reviews, etc.
"These numbskulls continue to vomment on your blog posts?"

"Man, why do people keep vommenting on my digg submissions?"
by gordy April 27, 2007
The Act of eating while on the can.
"Why are there eggshells in the bathroom trashcan?"

"I'm full-dooplex, baby!"

by gordy October 04, 2007
An event or occurrence where one needs to be near a toilet because of digestive or medical condition.

alt: toiloiter
Albert had been toiloitering all day long after having a double burrito supreme.
by gordy May 17, 2007
v. The act or co-ordinating an individual into a dandiferous fashion and style, a dandy.

related: dandification
"His co-workers had made numerous attempts to dandificate their colleague."

"One more soy-latte or tasseled pair of loafers and his dandification shall be complete."
by gordy June 19, 2008
Noun: /dragəˌtär/

1. Males who use a celebrity or model for their message board avatar.

2. Males who choose a female character (avatar) in video games.

3. Female dragatars are rarely seen.
Bungle's really a dude, his dragatar of choice is Chun Li on Street Fighter 2, Huntress in Diablo, Zoey in L4D, etc.

I was talking to Darkimmortal on the forum, and he was talking about his wife an kids.. his anime dragatar led me to believe he was a girl.
by gordy August 31, 2011

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