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White Alabama rapper. Who has the potential to be the next mainstream white rapper.

The base is there, he has the skills, the look and the background. He worked with people like Julez Santana and Raekwon.
Don't make me go pop the trunk on you.

by gooznr1 May 27, 2010
Theodoor "Theo" van Gogh (Dutch pronunciation: ˈteːjoː vɑnˈɣɔx, July 23, 1957 – November 2, 2004) was a Dutch film director, film producer, columnist, author and actor. He was the great-grandson of Theo van Gogh, who was the brother of artist-painter Vincent van Gogh.

Mistaken by many to be a guy that was vonurable. This is not true. When you fucked with him he was very poisonous. With other words: He coquetted with his vulnerability.

He really really wasnt a Nelson Mandela type a guy.

Theo really thought he was untouchable saying the things he did about muslims and Islam. When he got stabbed to death by a muslim extremist his last words where: "Mercy mercy! Cant we talk it out?"

He went out like a coward.
Guy one: "Theo van Gogh wasn't a coward, he said what he thought; A real crusader of the free word"

Guy two: "Yeah then why did he begged for his live like a litte bitch when he was about to get stabbed to death?"

Guy Three: Damn that's messed up.
by gooznr1 October 04, 2010

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