2 definitions by goosfahvrah

A descriptor for a person who you would consider a contender for the best amourous enccounter of one's experience.


Five star performance.

A person who would likely cause an event in which bedroom furniture will need replacement. Possibly kitchen utensils, as well.
"Megan was on fire last night! I'm so corn-railed I can barely walk. That chick is one Hot Notch."
by goosfahvrah April 13, 2010
While the obvious definition comes to mind, corn-railed really is a useful to describe many conditions of the human experience. While lesser minds tend to follow the path of the Corn Hole, the more enlightened audience finds many ways to incorporate this noun, verb, adjective:
"... man, I went to the bar last night and got corn-railed!"; "...first she punched him in the face and then corn-railed him in the nuts"; "after working the last 14 days in a row, I'm corn-railed"; and, maybe the least creative,"Mike got corn-railed his first night in the big-house...ouch!"
by goosfahvrah February 23, 2010

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