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when a girl lets out a thunder queef that hits 5.0 on the richter scale
jerry: Was that an earthquake?
krystal: no i jus queefed!!
jerry: damn girl!!! Your a california queef quaker!!
#queef #queif #california #earthquake #pussy fart #vagina
by goonersteve January 28, 2008
a girl who doesnt look like a hoe but is one
most of the time its a prep/cheerleader who
looks like they dont do wrong but usually sleeps
with everything that walks
shane: Man that girl looks good
mark: dude you dont want her shes incognitHOE
shane: incognitHOE?
mark: yeah she doesnt look like a hoe but shes
got more diseases than an ethiopian woman.
shane: damn i would've never knew!
mark: yeah i found out the hard way!!
#hoe #disease #ethiopian #skank #slut #whore #prostitute #crackwhore #call girl
by goonersteve January 28, 2008
when your fucking your women and you accidentally get a swig of her vaginal fluids
kyle: Man i was fuckin my girl and guess what
jake: what?
kyle: she squirted in my mouth
jake: dude your a south carolina squirt swigler
kyle: i know but i kinda liked it!!!
#squirt #fuck #swig #south carolina #vaginal #fluids
by goonersteve January 28, 2008
when a man is fucking his woman and he puts his secretions in her hair until it gets real nappy and sticky. The girl will then tell him not to tell anyone he did that, which after she says that you then tell the first person you see.
lindsey: ugh give it to me baby
jason: *squirt squirt*
lindsey: ugh you got it in my pefectly good hair
please dont tell anyone.
jason: *runs away*
danny: why are you breathing soo hard?
jason: dude i jus cummed all in my girls hair!!
#north carolina #nut #drip #nappy #narc #cum #jiz #secretions #fuck
by goonersteve January 29, 2008
a parody to the lunch food that i hate called texas straw hat but in this case it is when a man puts his sack on a girls head and jus sits it there. This can also be called a texas sack hat.
jenny: what are you doin?
steve: my balls are really heavy so im gonna sit them on your head!!
jenny: ohh okay i guess
steve: this is your new texas ball hat
jenny: okay and yeah these things are pretty heavy
#balls #sack #scrotum #penis #texas #hat #sombrero
by goonersteve January 29, 2008
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