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verb: to strike a person in the face with the penis
She got smart with me and i cock slapped the bitch!
by goodaaron March 19, 2003
person who considers themselves to be a huge slipknot fan
Glen is a hard core maggot. He'd Suck Corey Taylors nuts!
by goodaaron January 02, 2003
when a situation has reached an all time low
Man, the movie national sucurity was tits. big fat oprah tits.
by goodaaron January 25, 2003
A set of supplies used to commit rape. Often include roofies, condoms, and a video camera.
NOTE: a simpler rapte kit consists soley of a brick
The hoes better watch out, Gaddis has his rape kit out tonight!
by GoodAaron January 23, 2003
an article possessing the qualities of specatuclar to a point whre it combines with fuckin
Jenny's ass was speckfuckintacular
by goodaaron January 03, 2003
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