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Hairy Russian popstar who enjoys writing poems singing love somgs and playing with young boys.
"Hey Muslav, stop touching Zac Fenn and start writing corny love songs."
by Gooch May 08, 2004
The act of deliberately defecating in a pair of your son's underwear and then placing them back in the drawer with the rest of the clean underwear. When said son puts the feces filled underwear on, the Hot Dodd will have been achieved.
Honey, our son Kevin has been a real asshole lately. We'll see if a good 'ol Hot Dodd won't straighten him out.
by Gooch June 19, 2006
total wicked HAWT SEX
omfg look at rosie duffy SHE'S TOTALLY HAWT SEX
by Gooch September 01, 2004
a offensive nickname for Camaros (LS1 is godlike) in which jealous people use. Most commonly called by anti-Domestic ricers, or Rustang owners.
Oh man, that Crapmaro wasted my piece of shit Civic. I should just kill myself.
by Gooch August 06, 2004
A Canadian native reserve. Usually filled with dirty red-skins who drink cheap beer and sniff lysol. Every trailer (or teepee) in the brocket (reserve) has an illegal satellite dish and a trampoline.
Yo freddy, want to pick up a 40 of our best friend Jack Daniels, turn up da pow-wow beats and loiter around da brocket?
by Gooch July 21, 2004
A Hoe that sucks dick and fucks guys.
Desenia let me hit it and i Superman'd her.
by Gooch February 10, 2004
To leave, also known as to bounce, or get out of this joint.
Let's bogy
by Gooch January 12, 2004

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