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An amazing woman that makes my day.
I love Karla
by gooch February 10, 2004
From the epiosde of Senfeld "The Soup Nazi". Jerry and his girlfriend can't decide which on is schmoopy. It is their little name for each other
"You're schmoopy, no you're schmoopy"
by gooch May 09, 2004
one who shits on the floor
lmao, denn shit on his basement floor
by Gooch March 25, 2005
liquid shit
i took a huge shitpiss all over that biatchs fupa and it smelled
by gooch June 01, 2003
A Volumptious gal from the land of britains.

1. Richly interesting

2. Racy; titillating

3. Having enormous orbs of pleasure

4. To smother someone to death with a large set of knockers
1. She was a bit of a lucy and she kept my appeal


3. She was Lucy!

4. She fought back and then pulled a lucy on him.
by Gooch April 14, 2005
Grand duchess of coolness who reigned during the latter half of the 20th century and into the beginning of the 21st century. She is well known for her round buttocks of justice and nancing through the hills of Bristol.

1. Consisting of downright salacious manners

2. A lady of a very collected nature.

3. The act of penitration with a rather long pipe.

4. Having a tinkle.
1. She was so Charlotte p all night that I thought it'd be a perfect time for a boink.

2. She was a Charlotte p, calm relaxed, a cool customer.

3. This one time at band camp I pulled a Charlotte P on her ass.

4. She had to go for a little Charlotte p, but she'll be back soon.
by Gooch April 11, 2005
An adjective relating to synonyms such as rad, dope sick
Whoa, that record is totally wancedack, where did you get it?
by Gooch August 27, 2004
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