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To have the knowledge how to search on google.
Wow...your googletelligence was great finding that info.
by goober September 09, 2004
Slang for your poop chute.
"Hey, I'll be in the steakhouse ride'n the Hershy Highway if anyone needs me."
by Goober April 05, 2004
another word for kool
Kooliosis! I made my own definition n was the first one to do it!
by goober January 01, 2005
Main Entry: frow·sey
Pronuciation: frow-zee
Function: Adjective
Inflected Form(s): frows·i·er; -est
Etymology: Long Island English

1. an unnatractive look/style; a combination of a frumpy yet showy look. Usually frumpy is associated with being heavy-set and tastelessly dressed.
"that fat-ass is cooking in her bra and a skirt, oh man, she's lookin' frowsey"
by goober March 22, 2005
something/someone's relative ammount of gey
Hey Bunny, that chick is really showing her geyness.
by goober September 12, 2004
to do something very horrible to something important to another person or his/her belongings.
"I will deflanitifinalize your computer!"
by Goober January 17, 2005
It means "to beat up the check of booty". Comes from the word "acronym" and "kando".
Man, that nackronym is all up like my homophone and my antonym, but he can't get a slice of this booty.
by Goober April 09, 2005

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