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Chinese dialect for Stupid Kid. Also a dumbass residing in Singapore who finds Lard a bitch
Don't be such a gongkia, llamas dont fuck caribou.
by gongkia December 27, 2003
Aspiring turntablist who cant afford a dj set. pursues his dreams using plastic dining plates thereby making gayass music that he associates with songs by professionals such as linkin park. Loves slapping the asses of girls, using chocolate as bait.
stop slapping that Nehji's ass you pokvin
by gongkia December 27, 2003
An annoying fatass whom you still hang out with even though he's a moron and his speech and thoughts never make any sense. Alledged to have marijuana flowing in his bloodstream.
Why thinking like Lard you dumbass.
by gongkia December 27, 2003
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