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4 definitions by gocardscc

A soda,beer,water bottle or a milk jug that has been used as a recepetacle for urine, then thrown on the roadside.
If your done pisssing throw that tennessee teapot out the window.
by gocardscc January 26, 2009
A cocktail made with blueberry vodka Patron and sprite.
Wow Jacob and Brad were flat tore up on patronaberry last night.
by gocardscc January 26, 2009
After a heavy night of drinking you hook up with a girl and cannot get off, while sporting a raging hard on. Hence you will give her the dickofdeath.
I had the dickofdeath with that skank from the club last night.
by gocardscc January 26, 2009
A real douchbag, only use when said douche is in close proximity or to insult a douchebag to his face.
Hey whatsup? you sir are a real BAGMAN. or See that guido over there, What a BAGMAN.
by Gocardscc August 16, 2009