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v. overstaying ones welcome.
Is it safe to bring the girls over tonight or are your parents still gadhafing?

Better wait until next weekend dude. I may have to call for an air strike to get the wrinklies out of the house.
by gnostic1 March 07, 2011
n. radical skateboarding trick in which the boarder leaps upwards, does a back flip, and lands on the board in a handstand.
Dude! After this truck goes by I'm going to try an ollieollieoxenfree into a leapstand. You be ready to dial 911.
by gnostic1 January 15, 2011
n. Skateboarding move in which the rider, after gaining a high degree of speed and elevation off a suitably placed ramp such as a neighbor's slant nosed Porsche, does an inverted fakey shirttail grab freehand then surveys the assembled crowd of lamers and posers and gesticulates toward the one he thinks is holding the gamest weed.
Rad leaper bro! I totally spronged when you fingered Bonghat during that awwwesome with three doubleyous ollieollieoxenfree.
by gnostic1 November 06, 2010
n. pointlessly long, involved, noisy celebration over trivial victory in marginalised sport or activity.
Now that the University of Lethbridge has won the Canadian women's rugby championship I imagine there'll be a Pronghorn hullaballo that'll make Taylor Swift's album launch look like a NASCAR truck race victory party.

It ain't a real hullaballo until the geriatric strippers arrive! That's what I'm sayin'! Word up!
by gnostic1 November 05, 2010
adj. Capable of inducing claustrophobia.

Nice apartment dude. Perhaps a bit tiny. I hope your new wife isn't claustral.

No. I think she's Lutheran.
by gnostic1 January 12, 2012
n. A certain uniquely attractive flavor that football adds to the autumn.
Man, the atmosphere around here is dead gruesome. The world is bland ... bland I tell you!

Wait until next week. That is when the football seasoning is going to spice up your life.
by gnostic1 September 06, 2011
More left. Usually shouted in tense moments when directing covering fire, giving driving instructions etc.
Don't put the clamp on that you fool! That's the ureter! Clamp to the left of that.


No!! Lefter!!! Lefter!! Oh God! Nurse, get me five units of blood and my lawyer's phone number.
by gnostic1 August 29, 2011

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