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n. Wide-eyed person of little energy who doesn't actively pursue his/her dreams; the dreams are arranged on shelves, admired, dusted carefully, and seldom become real.

The world is calling you. Get some hearing aids if you have to and don't be such a dream duster.
by gnostic1 October 13, 2011
place. A town in Alberta, Canada, home to both the Memorial Cup winning Canards and their cross-town rivals the Screaming Raptures, with a rich and vibrant past, a violent present, and a glorious future. Site of the third-largest ethylene recycling plant on the tundra and the fifth tallest water tower on the planet this "Gateway To The Heart of Rimbey" is perfectly placed to reap the benefits of the coming world hydroethylene shortage.

A maze of cunning cul-de-sacs leads tourists on a circuitous path past an interesting procession of lemonade stands in summer and frozen waffle tables in winter.

Tourists can watch the bicephalicducks wallow on the settling ponds or visit the Canadian Fossil Museum where Kenny Shields and Mike Reno host "Sleep With A Dinosaur Night" every Friday.

Twice voted "Small Towne Of The Centurey" by the local creative spelling club Duck Hollow has a rich history of social conservativism as well as a Wacky-Wednesday at the Veterans of the Legion Hall where ethnic dress is encouraged.

A memorial gibbet placed in the centre of the main roadway honours the memory of the last survivor of the Hutterite Wars, Glen Hofer.

While too small and out of the way to attract major touring bands, Duck Hollow hosts a music festival each summer "Ethylene Feedstock" which has featured such tribute bands as The Guess Whose, Michael Jack's Son, Doctor's Hooker, Bond-Jovi Bond, and oddly enough, U2.

Sure could go for a delicious waffle and a game of cribbage this morning!

Well then, East Duck Hollow is the place for you! Do you got your GPS to get through all them cul-de-sacs?
by gnostic1 November 26, 2011
n. The ultimate goal of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and, by extension, the goal of protesters everywhere, in any field (or parking lot).

We are not rudderless slackers with no goals. We are fighting for a piece of the occupie!

Not much of a fight dude.
by gnostic1 October 29, 2011
place. Isolated hamlet in Alberta, Canada, that, fueled by high profits, fueled by high ethylene prices, has been riding high on the hog without the sponsorship of big gravel. Free from the doldrumic influence of East Duck Hollow since the partition of 1948 the vibrant citizenry of West Duck Hollow have been kindling the fires of progress in their matchless march to the future of petrochemical dominance-related carbon-footprinting. It is a place free from zoning restrictions where people can occupy a public park with tents, signage, muffins, and no clear purpose.

Clear cutting by a forward-thinking Tourism Council allows views of Ponoka, from which the Rocky Mountains can be seen. An interpretive center is planned for the tourist kiosk which is planned for the fall of 2015.

Lumberjack competitions and fencing exhibitions, often between gangs of tree-toughs from the various hamlets in the greater Duck Hollow region, provide much of the business at the local medical office.

West Duck Hollow sure has some pretty vistas. You can sure see that this is a place that owns some nice Ethylene deposits and doesn't depend on gravel sluicing for its tax dollars.
by gnostic1 December 23, 2011
Person who becomes histrionic after a few drams (or ounces) of alcohol.
Nathan is throwing his drums off the roof again! What a dramer queen!
by gnostic1 August 06, 2010
n. Originally a trainee in an asbestos mine who cleared the fine carcinogenic fibres off the tram lines but now any lowly employee who is tasked with any unpleasant, dangerous or tedious job.

1) Get a team of dust monkeys into the kitchen right away. The McFryer is making that funny sound and I think she's going to blow!

2) Where's me new dust monkey? A gale be blowing up astern and the mizzen mast be luffing.
by gnostic1 October 11, 2011
n. New device from Apple that Steve Jobs must have been working on because he whispered it to his doctor.

I want to get me an iDead.

That's a terrible joke. Steve Jobs was a saint.
by gnostic1 October 08, 2011

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