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The finger/ Flipping off someone/ flipping the bird.

The reason for this term is becase Eminem uses it so easyly and most peps dont know what you talkign about.
Jim got mad at tom and gave him The Eminem salute.
by gman March 25, 2005

1. easily crossed or penetrated
2. permeable to fluids
Man, that bitch is porous.
(Read: I say, that young woman is rather promiscuous.)
by Gman February 02, 2005
1. A term used to describe a hand jobpreformed by a prostiute.
2. A term used to describe cumming on the face of a girl you have paid.
He only had 30 min for lunch so he went for a quick pay and spray.
by GMan January 03, 2004
To do something a wet back does. See definition of wet back.
That shit that Spick did was a bit wetbackish. Other example: The name Jesus is a bit wetbackish.
by GMAN February 02, 2012
The Shiznit
That guy is the PoP_PiP.
by gman June 08, 2003
Beautiful smart hot blond. Extremely rare.
Wow, I would like to make that veester mine!!!
by Gman March 13, 2005
Noun,A large prostetic device; can vary in colour in shape and size.
John purchased a "man strap" from peter.
by gman March 10, 2005
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