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For guys, this person has sex with as many women as he can. He is a PIMP according to his friends and is probably very smooth and good at getting into a girl's pants. These men will usually lie, cheat, backstab, and say anything to sleep with women. Many of them have very large hunchbacks.

Females are most commonly called sluts. These women sleep with many different men and do not care whether these men give a fuck about them. They let themselves get used by guys they know are assholes and think other girls are insane if they think the guys you sleep with should care about you.
"Oh my god, Jamie is such a SLUT, he sleeps with all his "roommates" AND all his little "girlfriends"!!!!

"Yeah... but Kassie doesn't care, she's a SLUT too because she knows he's just using her.. and screws him anyway!!"
by gkennd February 22, 2007

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