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Excessive Jager-like behavior. This includes sitting on the bed of females while they shower, watching other men while they sleep, getting a ton of food and eating half of it, and explaining of a procedure involving the relocation from the glutius maximus to the abdominal to sporting coaches.
Bultman had to teach Zack a lesson after the trip to the alley didn't stop him from jaggin' out.
by gjd69 December 06, 2009
A male who shows uncommonly high affection towards another male. The affection is given to one he has recently met, symptoms of a Jager include, but are not limited to:
blatant sexual text messages, phrases such as 'I want to be your best friend', 'my dick is so huge right now', 'that is fantastic!', 'what are you afraid of commitment?', 'call of duty is going to make me blow a load!' along with many others.

One who is a Jager is often said to be jaggin' out
This whole week Zack has been such a Jager, he keeps sending me texts saying, 'Lunch at 11 bro?'
by gjd69 December 06, 2009

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