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one who uses a british dialect (though not pertaining to britain in any way) with a rabid obssession to harry potter, daniel radcliffe, cedric diggory, and all other hp fiascos. one who has walked around in public bearing a lightning bolt on their forhead, wire-rimmed glasses, or a stick while shouting encantations.
Ned is wearing his Gryffindor robes again... what a harry potter freak!
by gizzard December 10, 2005
One who makes people laugh by eating grotesque projectiles such as a) anything off the ground b) anything that has been in someone's mouth c) someone else's bodily fluids and/or c) his own bodily fluids. He may also be extremely lucky at poker or other card games, though exhibiting no skill. A "hiaasen" can also be classified as an emmerging molester (ie: throwing a nickle down to look up a teacher's skirt) or one with a terrible haircut. Also, the person can be seen walking around school wearing one of his 5 tshirts that can say "Freakin' Sweet" or "Do I know You?" in an attempt to imitate the acclaimed show Family Guy. In addition, a "hiaasen" is someone with a red or flaky face due to acne and a lack of showering. Anyone known to have touched, kissed, or dated a hiaasen has a terrible sense of judgement, looking for action, or is a man.
Dude... did you here about the kid that ate Sommy's spit-up Starburst? What a hiaasen!
by gizzard December 10, 2005
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