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7 definitions by gin

A thread that lacks shtick, perhaps the greatest thread ever created by gin and robot at the beggining of March. Full of jokes, insults, and entertaining drivel. Famed members are in the SHoF (Shtickless Hall of Fame) and referred to as SHoFers.
Yo homie, I'm breaking up with my girl so I can post in the Shtickless Thread more. I wanna be a SHoFer!
by gin April 19, 2005
38 20
very cool a good look a sexy look a fun look a look of anything good
alana is tray sway
by gin March 26, 2004
5 2
The best Division 2 basketball player ever. Balled at Tiffin U for four years.
vjack was the best ever.
by gin February 15, 2005
2 2
refers to big people, or refers to being lazy. not a bad thing.
when you see your friend just sitting on the couch watching tv and eating, u call him staf. i.e. You are staf man.
by gin November 13, 2003
12 12
This is the act of putting baking soda in your ass crack, and then proceeding to pour vinegar into your baking soda'd butthole.
If mixed with a well-timed fart, this can be a pretty funny thing to see.
by gin March 15, 2005
17 35
Nickname for the Boston Celtics basketball player Paul Pierce.
You can't stop po pimp!
by gin February 15, 2005
17 38
med size booty enough to towrk with
alana has a milia
by gin March 28, 2004
104 182