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When you wear your crappiest, hole filled, and stained clothing to Wal Mart so that you can blend into the environment.
Unless you want to recreate a scence from Deliverance, you better put on your Wal Mart camo!
#wal mart #camo #protection #butt sex deterrent #blend
by gigger06 August 17, 2010
An animal (in particular, a dog) that will sneak up on you while you're watching TV and lick you to death
Look out Rob, my dog Hildi is a real lick ninja.
#lick #ninja #dog #wet #canine
by gigger06 July 16, 2010
Hanging slobber from a living thing's mouth that looks like an icicle.

Most commonly found with dogs and crying children.
Whenever I eat a snack, my dog always gets the droolcicles under his lips.
#drool cicle #droolcycle #drool #icicle #puddles
by gigger06 January 03, 2010
When someone works at a job just long enough to be able to earn unemployment once they intentionally get fired
Why ain't Jed lookin' fer a job?

Didn' ya here...he dun an' hit the hillbilly lottery. Wal Mart gonna be payin' him fer a while.
#unemployment #welfare #hillbilly #redneck gravy train #government cheese
by gigger06 August 29, 2010
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