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While activists take action to campaign against injustice or environmental issues, passivists do their bit to contribute to society by recycling the odd empty Coke can, or 'liking' a campaign page on Facebook.

They often think of themselves as better than the rest of the world because of this.
13 year old girl: "OMG! I liked a page on Facebook which says that cancer should be cured! I'm such a teen passivist!"

Person 1: "I've given up eating bacon for a week because the way the meat industry works is wrong. From Monday to Friday, I'm only eating beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and fish. Why aren't YOU doing your bit to help the world?"
Person 2: "Shut up, you're only a mere passivist, you have no right to tell me what to do."
by ghostghostghost October 04, 2012
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