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9 definitions by gh0stk1d

slang term the for the painkiller oxycontin.
scarecrow, scarecrow, whats that u poppin
a powerful pill they call oxy cotton
yea its so tight, it got u draggin
havent u heard big things come in small packages
by gh0stk1d August 01, 2006
184 92
what myspace is full of.
tom: i'm sorry theres been an error it has been forwarded to myspace's technical group.
me: fuck you tom! *breaks computer*
by gh0stk1d August 01, 2006
97 18
another word for weed, usually indian weed.
pass the buddha, mixed with the gunji
by gh0stk1d August 01, 2006
19 3
weed, similar to ganja
lets go smoke sum muthafuckin gunja nigga
by gh0stk1d August 05, 2006
27 14
the hole on a bong or pipe that you put your finger over when you light up the weed, tobacco, or whatever else youre smoking.
man put your damn finger over the kickhole youre letting all the smoke out!
by gh0stk1d August 13, 2006
4 0
what i found smeared all over my boxers when i woke up this morning.
turds are cool except when they come out unintentionally.
by gh0stk1d August 01, 2006
7 6
little red pills that got my ass put in the hospital thanks to insufflation.
i took 16 skittles by mouth and insufflated 2 and ended up in the fuckin emergency room.
by gh0stk1d August 01, 2006
23 44