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The home nation of the Neckbeard people (i.e. Neckbeards, "Neckbeardis", Neck Beards).

Its currency could be Bitcoin, pizza, or perhaps Tolkienite? Exchange rates vary.

Its flag / heraldry is disputed. The legendary Three Wolf Moon T Shirt was up for "modernization." Designs depicting "virgins and a comic book store" (i.e. nerdtopia) have mysteriously vanished from a sub reddit - even though demographically speaking - the virgins should be male.

Chief imports are non-nutritive cheesy product (e.g. Doritos, Cheetos); carbonated beverages (e.g. Jolt Cola, Mountain Dew); Interwebz; and movies, TV, technology and/or games (e.g. video games, MMORPG, etc.).

The rich, diverse culture of the Neckbeardis can seem unusual. Within Neckbeardistan, bitter disputes erupt as borders shift due to releases (or announcements) of media, products, and technology.

Travel forecast: The dark console wars look to continue (which carry forth the tribal conflicts of the emacs vs. vi wars).
Beware: one cannot simply walk into forums via teh Interwebz and expect safety.

On the outskirts of Neckbeardistan (IRL natch), you'll find the Renfaire - where some Neckbeardis frolic outdoors, get sun stroke, and possibly laid (huzzah!); while imbibing beer, meade, and authentically gnawing on turkey legs.

"'Swounds! My monitor tan!"

Chief exports of Neckbeardistan are little known facts, hindsight advice, and tech support.
If we closed the border to Neckbeardistan, we would never know how to reboot teh Interwebz!
by ggr June 28, 2013
The ultimate FUCK YOU.
I would rather watch you die from internal hellfire, rather than extinguish your flaming innards with my urine.
Suzie: Hey man you are a fucking dick, why do you treat everyone like shit?

Balls Hampton: Fuck you bitch! I wouldn't piss up your ass if your guts were on fire.

Suzie: Weeps uncontrollably
by GGR August 04, 2008
The hormone secreted while reading Jane Austen novels and viewing films or stage adaptations of her work (such as Pride and Prejudice). Often stimulates the pleasure and confidence center of the reader (or Austenites).

Heightened levels usually result in feelings of being "born in the wrong era," general dissatisfaction with current romantic practices, the state of chivalry, and possibly becoming an Anglophile.

Ice Cream is known to exacerbate the effects of Austrogen on the mind / body.
After reading Pride and Prejudice for the fourth time, Sally finally felt the powerful kick of Austrogen flowing in her heart, and was ready to overthrow meekness. If the Ice Cream's effects held, tomorrow she would demand payment from the swarthy stranger with so many unexplained overdue book fees.
by ggr April 11, 2013
The uncontrollable, malignant, cancer-like growth of meetings in an organization. Meetings will grow beyond available time and space - pushing out all beneficial activities. Eventually they begin to take over hallways, nearby cafe's, and spread virally over the Internet.

The only known antidote is decision-making. Management cannot hear your scream. They're in a conference room having a meeting.
The meeting is about to meetastisize! It's taking over the next conference room... now it's going over the scheduled time... again!
by ggr December 16, 2013
The actual alchemical process a product or message (turd) undergoes during its transformation into something a committee or focus group expects will be desirable or acceptable.

Requires judicious application of turd polish, a meeting, and mad skillz.
Using her magical powers to cause turdsubstantiation, Lucy was able to transform the app's constant crashes into "instant memory clean up and performance optimizations."
by ggr October 19, 2012
1. A stage named used by Eerk of Black Gunion Fame when he is out on the prowl for women with low self esteem and weight issues.

2. A Rich playboy alter ego used by Eerk of Eerk and Jerk Productions. (Black Gunion, Right Angle Records)
1.You: Hey are you Eerk?
Eerk: (looks around) I know you aint talkin to me, I'm Balls Hampton!!!

2.Sup Bitch?! Come fuck wit cha boi, Balls Hampton!
by GGR August 08, 2007
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