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A popular misconception that receiving disability and low income housing for being HIV+ makes you wealthy.
Kris,with a K, is totally AIDS rich.
#delusional #poor #catch-22 #crazy #ill
by getwithbaby November 13, 2009
n: A slut buddy is a close friend that a you probably would not have sex but are, however, comfortable enough to be naked and have sex in front of them. Because you are both sluts it is something that occurs often.

plural, slut buddies
I had sex with this trick but hesitated at first because his roommate was home. Luckily for his roomie was his good slut buddy.
#slut #tart #whores #prostitute #slut buddies
by getwithbaby November 13, 2009
n: A triphop, comedic band. With popular songs like "You, Me, and a Pizza" and "Abraham" they popped onto the scene in 2005 and made a quick run to the top of the charts.

The group was started by lead vocalists Heather Dark and Seven Smith.
I got tickets the DARKsmith® show on saturday.
#music #band #awesomeness #myspace #bay area
by getwithbaby November 13, 2009
noun: A nasty rotten smelling vagina; A stench that is an instant reminder of the smell of mold. Usually deposits are made often and the woman attached does not bathe often.
"Hey did you see that chick?"

"No, But I could smell her rot-box from down the street."
#vagge #vagina #pussy #whore #stink #rot-box
by Getwithbaby March 21, 2010
1. A living optical illusion in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of an Asian person to appear non-Asian at a distance.

2. Someone who is Asian and from afar appears to be an attractive latin, caucasian, or other nationality but, when close you are disappointed to see another Asian.

3. Illusory Asians.
I thought that guy was sexy and went to get his number but when I got close I was embarrassed because he was a Mirrasian.
#asian #mirage #mirror #illusion #illusionary asian
by getwithbaby March 08, 2011
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