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the tail end of any sentence which will convert that sentence into a line of a song.
you look like hell, baby
you're looking swell, baby
there's something I should say, baby
I have to go away, baby
by germinate August 01, 2005
about to begin, to initiate, to start.
New Orleans contraction of "fixing to"
I'm finto wop you one on the side of your head if you don't stop bugging me
by germinate March 16, 2005
1. a bud who will fuck you
2. no friend at all
1. last night, I was horny, so I went to see amy, my fucking friend.
2. last night, I was horny, so I went to see amy but she was with bob who I thought was my fucking friend.
by germinate March 23, 2005
New orleans contraction for where are you at, meaning where is your head at or where you going or where are you or sompin
phone rings; you pick it up.
"here but "yanomgoin" out soon."
by germinate March 16, 2005
new orleans contraction of "know what I'm"
as in
"nome what I'm taking about?"
by germinate March 17, 2005
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