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a funny word that insults people when you say it to them but makes them laugh at the same time.
"i was the one that stole your 5 bucks"
"you are such a fagchop"
by george tony February 21, 2005
a little bi-sexual bitch who roots bulls up the ass every sunday and he says he can stay on for 8 seconds.he is so gay oh yeah and he roots his friend tyrell.
"hey mav
"go screw a goat
by george tony October 30, 2004
a person who you think is a knobhead or the biggest knobhead youve ever met.
"you know that kid called A.J
"yeah he always pisses me off
"what a knobulas prime
by george tony November 01, 2004
a person who is found on the side walk smeared all over the place. usually brown in other word a shit stain of the century.
"holy fuk
"that dog has a puffy tail
"oh yeah and that blak fulla is a stainer of the century!!
by george tony October 30, 2004
A person who rapes chicken nuggets.
"Have you seen that homeless rapist"said Trudy.
"Yeah he's a real Shag Nugget"Said Dean
by george tony August 12, 2003
the gayest/crappiest band that it got rejected from queer eye for being too gay also damo angi loves them so he sucks balls
"holy shit that song sucks
"yeh dat was maroon5
"they nearly suck as bad as your grandnanny.
by george tony October 30, 2004
a channel on tv which has little dolls running around rooting each other
"have you ever seen barby having sex?
"yeh on SBS
by george tony October 30, 2004
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