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The current euphemism for "wrong" or "bad." It is supposed to sound more objective than "wrong" and "bad," but it is not.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't have called him an asshole, because he is; it was just inappropriate.

Wearing nothing but lingerie to the office is not wrong; it's just inappropriate.
by gentimental January 14, 2011
a phrase that originally described indirect acts of aggression that either could not be traced to the actor or that could be ascribed to a benign, non-spiteful motivation. Once the phrase entered the popular lexicon, it has come to describe any action or inaction that the speaker dislikes but which the speaker cannot explain why the action is unjust or otherwise wrong.
The following are examples of passive aggressive behavior.
1. My lab mate did not like my not obeying his every wish, so he got back at me by sabotaging my experiments.

2. She was angry at me for declining her date invitation so, at the party, she bumped my glass spilling wine on my shirt and said that it was an accident.

The following is an example of how "passive aggressive" has come to be used in the popular lexicon.

Person 1: "OMG, he like totally refuses to put the toilet seat down after he uses it, and then he gives me dirty looks when I tell him he needs to do that."

Person 2: "Is it any more effort for you to put the toilet seat down than it is for him to put the toilet seat up to avoid peeing all over it?"

Person 1: "He's just so passive aggressive."
by gentimental March 28, 2011
Often referred to as "standard time," daylight wastings time requires that people set their clocks back an hour in autumn so that the sun will set earlier in mid-afternoon. Then, in the spring, when people return their clocks to true time (a.k.a. daylight savings time), people are forced to get up an hour earlier and lose an hour of precious weekend/sleep time.
Morning Person: I'm so glad we're returning to STANDARD time. I can't STAND getting up when it's dark outside.

Night person: Oh, you mean daylight wastings time? Doesn't it bother you that the sun now sets at 4:30 and the days are still getting shorter.

Morning person: No, I go to bed long before then, so I don't know when the sun sets.

Morning person: I'm so glad we're returning to daylight savings time. I was starting to feel like the day was half over by the time work starts at 8:00 AM.

Night person: I'm glad to be off of daylight wastings time, but now I have to get up an hour earlier. Why can't we just leave our clocks set to true time (a.k.a. daylight savings time) without playing practical jokes on my circadian rhythm?
by gentimental March 13, 2011
also known as "daylight savings time," true time is the clock setting that keeps the sun from setting in mid-afternoon in the winter. The alternative to true time is daylight wastings time (which some, especially morning people, refer to as "standard time").
No clock setting that puts sunset in mid-afternoon is "standard." True time is what we use in the summer, and daylight wastings time is the clock setting forced upon us by morning people in the winter. Then, morning people revel in making the rest of us get up an hour earlier to get back to true time.
by gentimental March 13, 2011
An opening statement made before the main point that anticipates objections to the main point.
The following are examples of prolepsis:

"I know that guy really pissed you off, but kicking him in the nuts was not an ideal response."

"While women have undeniably suffered discrimination in the past, the current majority of college graduates (60%) and managers under 30 are women."
by gentimental January 14, 2011

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