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a. A fart sounding like a duck got stepped on and died
b. A prank envolving farting onto a super soaker and blasting someone in the face with a high powered fart
i better not let this one go its gonna be a fart blast and i dont have a change of underwear
by geminimonkey October 27, 2010
a tattoo artist that specializes in tattooing taint
im going to get my taint painted i found a tainter painter
by geminimonkey March 10, 2011
when you are sitting in the exam room at a hospital in your gown and you fart on the paper
right as the dr. walked in i ripped a huge ass kazoo
by geminimonkey January 09, 2011
when you cum so hard that all of your hair stands on end and you look like a chia pet
i humped her so good last night i gave her a chia-gasm
by geminimonkey January 09, 2011

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