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1 definition by gdp247365

Ahh, the notorious skittle sweeper.

Entire novels have been dedicated to recording the trials and troubles of one of these persons. The following is a short excerpt from one of these such literary works:

"......croc-wearing chaunce that squats when he pees and involves himself in other random acts of doucheyness. Skittle sweepers are active fellows and take on a number of hobbies and extracurricular activities including, but not limited to

1. Drinking franzia out of wine glasses

2. Repping fantasy sports teams in public

3. Talking shit to 9 year old kids playing call of duty on xbox live

4. And of course, watching St. Elmos fire on hulu."
Doug- "that dude with the bow tie must have holes in his pockets because he is dropping multi-colored candies everywhere."

Brad- "Yea, what's up with that? Someone needs to get him a broom so he can sweep that shit up.... BRO, IS HE HE WATCHING ST ELMOS FIRE ON HIS IPHONE?!!

Doug- "No way, a real live skittle sweeper!!! let's get out of here. I think im getting skittelitis just breathing the same air as him...
by gdp247365 January 02, 2012