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3 definitions by gawdeenie

The best candy in the world. They come in many flavors such as green yellow and blue. They are also available in different sizes and with collectable murchandise.
i love sweet tarts, they can fix any problem when used properly.
by gawdeenie March 04, 2005
An anagram for Bring Your Own Trojan. It referes to the popular, yet inapropriatly named, condom brand. It is a popular add in magazines such as Cosmo that makes all of the pre-marritale, worry free sex seem reasonable and proper.
Hey Beth, did you remember to Byot?
by Gawdeenie April 13, 2005
A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAND. It ranks below linsey lowhan and britney spears's "lesbian kiss" with Madonna. An appropriate summary of this bands talent, or lack there of, can be located at www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=11worst
I listed to U2 last night and i cried myself to sleep after ripping out my hair from repetative lyrics
by gawdeenie March 04, 2005