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A unit of measurement for the sheer amount of kickass an action or item may physically hold.
Dude One: "Dude, guess the amount of kickassity my weekend held?"

Dude Two: "How much?"

Dude One: "Zero."
by gavilatius December 14, 2010
An exclamation made by a person who does not follow or comprehend an explanation made by someone else. Usually by stupidity or plain ignorance.
Smart Guy: "Hey, I was wondering if you would like to join the Chess Club with me, it will be fun. What do you say about it?"

Shirtless Guy: "YEAH, JERSEY SHORE, YEAH!"
by gavilatius January 07, 2011
To place together in a disorganized way. Out of place by the way it looks.
"The rebuilt engine looked scrabulated for the mechanic used different parts from different companies."
by gavilatius January 02, 2010
To wedge oneself or object in, with, or between a certain object or other objects. This is usually done haphazardly.
"A cockroach infaciated itself into a cranny to prevent it from being stepped on."

"The librarian tends to infaciate books on shelves, rather than reorganize them."

"The eater always infaciates himself with all the pie on the table."
by gavilatius January 02, 2010
To use both hands in the same activity, either in weapons (dual-wielding is a better term) or in a sexual manner (that is where the fisting comes in.
Player 1: "I'm dual-fisting all of you! I'm the greatest!"

Player 2: "...Faggot..."
by gavilatius January 07, 2011

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