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A primitive redneck game found at nearly every table inside Cracker Barrel; one can not help but play it while waiting for their meal to arrive
Jim-Bob: "Ah'm so darn hungry. When's the food gonna git here?"
Bo: "Shut up! Ah'm tryna figger out how to win this dadgum jump-all-but-one game!"
by gatorchamp1 January 16, 2010
The best meal that Cracker Barrel has to offer. If you go to Cracker Barrel and don't order this, then you're missing out. Equally tasty at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Comes with three large buttermilk pancakes, syrup, a side of bacon or sausage, and a side of eggs cooked just the way you like them.
Person 1: "Boy I sure do love Cracker Barrel. What are you gonna order?"
Person 2: "Isn't it obvious? Momma's Pancake Breakfast."
by gatorchamp1 January 17, 2010
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