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a Filipino who acts just like a black person from the ghetto...but has a filipino accent, which makes it worse
my school is filled with figgers...
by figger February 16, 2005
1.) A person of Finnish origin, who denies their heritage, and acts as if they were from an American black ghetto.

2.) Alternative spelling for the word "figure".
1.) "Damn, he's one sad figger right there."

2.) "Go figger."
by Che February 27, 2004
a faggot ass nigger. They are not only black but gay too, which basically makes for the best insults to be thrown their way
Look at that nigger! omg hes fuckin a man in the ass... yeah, hes a figger.
by alex johnson00 May 08, 2006
The hair on an ant's nutsack.
Dude get a magnifying glass and come check out this ants figger.
by HunnyBunchesofOats November 22, 2010
a word that is supposed to convery prejeducism,racism and descrimination, many like other words, which has no meaning or value what so ever. It is made up by stupid retards on urbandictionary and is hardly ever used. Usually made up like this. ____(the first letter of the race or culture of an individual) igger.

Guy: Hey figger stop touching me.
Random Guy: What the fuck is a migger, you stupid white child did you make that shit up?
victim: ...
Me: *Nods at random guy* yeah..
by Bubba_The_Retard November 01, 2006
The phonetic spelling of the word figure when miss-pronounced by an individual. It's like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh only with a "F"...Figger. One crazy f-ed up (yet kinda cute) way to say the word and refers to a number or set of numbers (Figgers). The term is believed to have originated in the halls of MFRI sometime around the start of the 21st century.
OMG, these figgers are impossible to reconcile when I don't have the necessary detail. or

Jim won't let me make journal entries without his permission because it messes up his figgers. or

I can't seem to get this cash flow figger to tie out, maybe I should ask Jenny to help me.
by scratch911 June 25, 2010
The ability to arrive at simple facts by the means of simple observations and a little life experience.
From your vocabulary, it is obvious why you can't figger out what figger means.
by The Original Figgerer September 21, 2007
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