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4 definitions by gato

mud mouth is obtained by taking a shitty dick straight from your ass into your mouth th finish a man off.
did u give her mud mouth? hell yeah i did, sh was a gooood girl
by gato September 11, 2003
a phrase used by a significant other to get out of a troubled situation or take back something they did or said.
guy: get me a beer, BITCH!
girl: WHAT?!?!? who u callin a bitch?
guy: you know i love ya
by gato May 21, 2004
when u have so much weed that u need 2 dutchie cigars to roll a blunt.
damn, look at all this weed, we can roll a double dutch and get double fucked up
by gato September 14, 2003
a good girl ia a young struggling college student that sucks cock, pukes and continues to suck without breaking stride. then takes it up the ass from some old dude calling her a good girl the whole time right before he gives her mud mouth.
thats right, you be a goooood girl.
by gato September 11, 2003