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If you have banked something this means you have concealed an item in your vagina or your anal pipe to hide and or smuggle without detection.
Prisoner to other prisoner,
Prisoner 1: Oi, how did you sneak that mobile phone in here?
Prisoner 2: I banked it Mate! Charger too. Got one for sale if your needing one. Brand new and boxed.
by gash pirates July 29, 2011
Spastik powder is the street slang for methadrone, mkat or meow meow. Can cause side affects such and random twitching and outbursts of tourettes whilst squirming around on the floor.
Wow, look at that guy rolling about the floor, you better call an ambulance as i think he's having a fit!

Na, its okay he's been on that spastik powder!
by gash pirates July 29, 2011
Dirty Polish Immigrant (immigrants)
Bottom feeding, tax dodging, job stealing waste of human skin.
Once they've exhausted every resource, job, council house they will move onto the next area and do the same again. Watch out for these sleekit basterts. You'll know when the Polish immigrants hit your town when you go to your local shop and you feel like your in a foreign country due to the constant rabble of their shitey filthy immigrant face wounds communicating with each other something like this "sha moo me say say de hur shup ar de hoo polski sklep"
Send the fucking ritards back to thier own shitty country and blow the fucker up =)
Wow the shops sold out of Lambrini!

The dirty Polish immigrants are not going to be happy about that!
by gash pirates July 29, 2011
Polish road runners are immigrants who think they have more right to use the road than people in cars. "as if they even pay road tax" They often wait until you drive close to them and they run out and swagger accross the road staring at you like cars should'nt be on a road. Many Polish men are often seen cycling on pink females bikes to Llidl to buy their fill of Lambrini & fill their ruck sacks. Often find them drinking anywhere they can outside. Never in their house.
Wow did you see they Polish road runners? I nearly hit them.

Ahh see!......You missed out on 10points there!

Better luck next time Boabie!
by gash pirates July 29, 2011

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