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1.to fix something up without having the right equipment or instructions. the word came from the ghettos to describe when people would successfully fix things but would leave it looking ghetto(er).

2.used to describe something really big such as an 18 weeler or a truck..
1. Bob: man my sink was leaking the other day so instead of calling that money-hungry, ripoff, plumber, Jake I niggarigged that son of a bitch!!! ho-ho fixed that sucker right up too!!
Dan: Wow! Bob you sure are crafty..my wife woulda had a hissyfit if I'da tried ta niggarig my sink!!

2. Ray-ray(driving in his car)-Gotdamn nigga, that mofuckin Big NiggaRig 18 wheeler almost ran me off the mofuckin road...

Jamie-Josh you need to learn how to put your damn niggarig shoes up and dont just kick them in the middle of the floor i almost tripped over them big niggarig things!!!
Josh: sorry- honey!!!
by garybrit667 September 28, 2006

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