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cricket is a legend of a game played with a bat and a ball.
Only gentlemen can play cricket
by Gareth Ronan August 29, 2006
Pippa Black is an Australian actress best known for her role in Neighbours as Lucinda 'Elle' Robinson. When she first appeared in Neighbours she was unfairly criticised by people who thought she had been given the role purely on her looks and her acting ability was questioned. Although she is undoubtbley very pretty she is also a very fine actress and great things are predicted of her in the future.
Pippa Black has been nominated for best soap newcomer at the Logie Awards in Australia.
by Gareth Ronan August 29, 2006
The Lads are a group of men mainly in there 20's and 30's who are well known around the Bristol area for going out to pubs and clubs and causing trouble. Prominent members include Beppe DiMarco, Dean Gaffney, David Walliams, Lance Black, Jon Trollope and Russell Brand.
Avon & Somerset Police today arrested most of the lads. Beppe was done for dangerous driving whilst Lance Black was caught bumming sheep.
by Gareth Ronan August 16, 2006
local slang in the Bristol area for a womaniser. Comes from the infamous James Chiddy well-known on the scene for his wild antics and smooth moves.

N.B. James Chiddy has had run-ins with 'The Lads', a rival womanizing group.
"Dude that guy over there is such a Chiddy...the ladies can't get enough of him"
The Lads
by Gareth Ronan May 25, 2009
Dean Gaffney played Robbie Jackson in the popular BBC1 soap Eastenders for a number of years. Recently he is famous for being in a group known as 'the lads'. The lads are known around Bristol for their heavy drinking, womanising and trouble-making.
Dean Gaffney sighed happily as Beppe pulled down his trousers and pants.
by Gareth Ronan August 16, 2006
stands for West Ridge bandits. A well-known street gang from the Frampton Cotterell area of Bristol, UK. The bandits are notorious locally for their money-laundering, drug-trafficking and low-level violence. Their leader is the mighty (Rob man) Big Bear.
"You better watch yo'self when you walkin' down da Ridge, if you up to no good Big Bear and his WR bandits will pop a cap in yo' ass!"
by Gareth Ronan October 13, 2008
an individual (usually but not exclusively a teenage girl) who typically post sexually provocative/revealing pictures on MySpace in order to get as much 'attention' as possible.
"Luke man you're fast turning into a MySpace Whore!"
by Gareth Ronan May 25, 2009
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