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Marvin is a generally sweet guy, falls in love easily. He's soooooo funny, he can be cocky.
That guy doesn't always make the smartest decisions, though.
He has a great body physique, amazing talent at making out, most likely tall.
He has a nice cock. =]
Marvin is one of those guys you'll never , ever forget. He's an amazing friend, boyfriend...just a great companion of the opposite sex.
girl 1 wow, he's perfect...with some glitches...and he's not GAY!

girl 2 He's gotta be a Marvin!
by garden of promise March 01, 2010
it IS a female name!!!
it means small or humble.

this Paule is one unique character, she's either loud and funny, or quiet and serious. or she may be both at times!
she's got a nice amount of friends. she's probably been through alot and knows alot. sarcasm is like her way of life. she likes to second guess herself.

she loves being a christian. probably goes to church alot.

she's amazingly pretty, smart, funny, caring, mature, basically the best friend you could have.

she seems as if she's got all the confidence in the world but she still has her insecurities. she doesn't always makes the best decisions in life..whether it be in school or her love life if she has one.

you either love her or you don't.
paule is just amazing. unique name...unique human being.
that girl over there...her name has to be Paule.
by garden of promise March 01, 2010
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