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cool 3D smiley but rarely used
<somthn> j00 sup ;^)
<otha> whoa, kewl 3D smiley j0 got there
by gancheff August 28, 2006
High Strung is one of the best movies of Steve Oederek.
It's about a paranoid, all-hating, pessimist that's about to die because of his attitude. A must-watch movie!
High Strung quotes:

Thane Furrows: I'd rather... be... DEAD!
Thane Furrows: Relationships? They shouldn't even call them relationships. They should have a more descriptive name: Painland.
Thane Furrows: Smokers. There's no excuse for smoking. Smoking is the equivalent to carrying around a salt lick, laced with a little bit of cyanide.
by gancheff March 22, 2007

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