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A chemical weapon females use to disseminate doubt amongst surrounding males. It is a preemptive strike used for 2 main reasons:
- the female wants to discourage surrounding unwanted males from getting too close

-the female wants to play hard to get with an attractive male, as well as test his resolve.
beta: hey what's up?
hotchix101: just waiting for my boyfriend.
boyfriend bomb destroys!

alpha: so we should hang out sometime
hotchix1o1: well I would have to ask my boyfriend
alpha: hey I'm not asking him to hang out, I want to hang out with you
hotchix101: ok sure, what are you doing later? fuck me fuck me
boyfriend bomb separates the wheat from the chaff!
by gallowgate May 09, 2008
-Onomatopoeia for a yoshi's call.
-An affectionate word for a yoshi or yoshi-like creature.
-Whilst jumping on the back of a yoshi or instructing your yoshi to eat something: mip-mash!
-OOohhhh... my poor mip-mash jumped down the hole...
by gallowgate September 10, 2005
Dennis Prager - a decent man, a republican who tries to listen to people and understand the issues.
I think Dennis Prager is wrong on a few issues, but I know he would listen to my opinion why, and try to understand it.
by gallowgate May 18, 2008

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