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A quite pleasant furry creature that vaguely resembles a meatloaf. Cats are the most intellectually superior creature on Earth. They are particularly adept at training human beings to do their bidding, and spend 18 hours a day on average apparently sleeping. What they are really doing is coming up with ways to take over the Earth while still retaining humans to make that yummy cat food for them. If cats had opposable thumbs, they, not us, would be the dominant force on this planet.
"Is that a meatloaf???"
"No, it's my cat!"
by gadjitfreek July 29, 2007
Writer from Maine, who has written a large number of novels, novellas and short stories, many made into movies, miniseries or TV specials. He has been often regarded as a horror writer, but he cannot be so easily categorized. His works run from fantasy, science fiction, Western, horror, thriller, mystery, supernatural and suspense. Most of the movies made from his works have had the horror aspect greatly magnified. A few of his works (namely The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Stand and The Shining miniseries) have translated very well into video. He is also the author of the epic Dark Tower series, the tale of Roland Deschain of Gilead and his quest to gain the Dark Tower with the help of his ka-tet of Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers and Oy of Midworld. There are a number of works related to this epic, such as Black House, Insomnia, Hearts In Atlantis, Everything's Eventual, The Little Sisters of Eluria, 'Salem's Lot, From A Buick 8, The Stand and Eyes Of The Dragon. The books in the Dark Tower series are:

The Gunslinger
The Drawing Of The Three
The Waste Lands
Wizard And Glass
Wolves Of The Calla
Song Of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Stephen King "retired" after finishing the last of these, but has since written a few more novels, notably "Cell", which is similar to the Stand, but with a twist. It is a lot less supernatural than The Stand, and there is no final struggle of good vs. evil.

Stephen King also has a penchant for killing his characters off by the end of the novel. He has also mastered the art of ending the story before you find out everything that happened. He seems to want to leave that up to his Constant Readers.
"Stephen King is a hack writer!" (Said by someone who has never read a single one of his books)

"Stephen King is a freakin' genius!" (Said by someone who has just finished the Dark Tower series)
by gadjitfreek August 23, 2006
A person whose life calling is in the perpetuation of the body of knowledge and experience gained through thousands of years of civilization. Often attempts to impart said knowledge despite resistance from students who do not care, parents who do not care, administrators who care about the wrong things and other people such as religious fanatics and governments who want their own agenda satisfied. Teachers are passionate about their subject matter, and given a class of students who actually want to learn, there is no end to what can be accomplished. Your typical student nowadays do not understand the one basic fact...without education, you go no further in life. Education is the cornerstone of a civilization. If people were given this value from birth, our poor country would not be in such a sorry state today. Teachers do not give homework to punish or ruin your life. They give it so that you can gain the practice you need to master subject matter. You might not see how you can use this matter later in life, but unless you happen to have a crystal ball (and know how to use it), you really have no idea when you might need it. One of the most important things you can learn in school is time management, so that you can both get your work done AND have a social life, rather than wasting time complaining and end up with no time to do either. Teachers are not people who failed at other things, all of the teachers I know and work with chose teaching as their career outright. We are teachers FIRST, in other words. Our current educational system is not perfect, it's not even great, it needs a lot of fixing up, but until our country as a whole begins valuing education and the role it serves in boosting the economic and social well-being of the nation, it will continue to get short-shrift, and parents will not encourage their children in a positive manner to participate in the process that will ultimate lead them to their adulthood.
"Man, that teacher really sucks!" "Well, if you shut your mouth and actually did your work, you might do well and change your mind!"
by gadjitfreek July 18, 2006
A person who adores all things feline.
You don't have to be a crazy old cat lady to be an ailurophile!
by gadjitfreek August 09, 2006
A rather graphic euphemism for vomiting, as in "doing the liquid yawn".
I had some Taco Bell and soon after did the liquid yawn!
by gadjitfreek July 18, 2006
A word used by government leaders to instill fear and justify atrocities in an effort to control the populace into voting them back into office time and time again. It is also used to justify trillions of dollars wasted on a war that should have never happened in the first place. A word that makes me angrier every time I hear it from these elected losers.
"Talking about withdrawing from Iraq will only serve to embolden our enemies."

We, the people should be emboldened enough to vote these clowns out of Washington, send them to Iraq, and let THEM fight this war they started.
by gadjitfreek April 05, 2008
Term to describe the action of a cat horking up a hairball or other similar vomitous activity.
"Is your cat having a siezure?" "Nah, he's just meowing at the carpet. Don't step in it!"
by gadjitfreek July 18, 2006
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