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When your hitting a girl from behind and and her booty keeps jiggling after you're done.
Bro I was smashin ol girl and her booty had The Aftershock and kept on jiggin ohhhh weeee!!!
by G-rock May 09, 2014
A jib is a marijuana joint, also know as a jibber, or depending on how it's rolled; Lil jibby or big jibby.
Hey, Bitch, twist a jibber!
by g-rock December 17, 2004
Used when referring to completely destroying one who is homosexual. Stomping is usually involved
I hate that homosexual, I want to queer stomp him so bad.
by G-Rock December 17, 2004
Refers to a marijuana joint, it combines two slang terms for a joint. The "J" is obvious....a joint is also sometimes refered to as a number. Since J is a letter, not a number, only those in the know will understand.
These shennanagins were brought to you by the Number J
by g-rock March 17, 2009
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