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21 definitions by g-ring

short for new york city's chinatown even though it contains the same amount of letters.
let's go to chinktown tommorrow and have some egg-drop soup.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
12 9
They act of not knowing when to give up.
George Bush definetely pulled a fat-noah in Iraq.
by g-ring April 25, 2007
2 0
a two 40's chick is a girl that you have to drink two full forty ounces worth of beer for you to consider her to be attractive enough to get with.
after a night of hard drinking rob woke up in bed next to a two 40's chick. ah fuck!
by g-ring June 27, 2007
8 7
how a puertorican says "what happened?". This is usually used at the beginning of a conversation.
joselito: whahappen?
papo: nothin' man. some nigga got shot.
joselito: oh dip!
by g-ring September 24, 2007
9 10
short avenue spanning from grand street to chatham square in lower manhattan. being sort of a bizarro version of broadway it has everything from old jewish synagogues to chinese restaurants. it also doesn't seem to run adjacent, parallel, or perpendicular to any other avenue, street, or alleyway.
when i got out of the train on east broadway i ran into a bunch of methadonians.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
0 1
when a whiteboy gyrates, dances or makes any kind of movement to a musical beat or tune. this usually takes place at a party in company of some girl that said whiteboy is trying to impress.
"yo, check out that guy on the far side of the room trying to do the running man."
"whiteboy no rhythm!"
by g-ring April 26, 2007
9 10
slang term for "i love her bee". using this word expresses ones feelings for some girl. first used on manhattan's lower east side.
yo man! iluverbee. i love fat chrissy.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
2 3