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abbereviation used to describe alcohol swabs that are used to clean an area of skin(usually in the arm or leg) before inserting a syringe for skin popping or intravenous drug use.
that's one dirty nigga. he best start using some swabs or he gonna catch the virus!
by g-ring March 27, 2007
word used to describe a puertorican when one is in the presence of puertoricans, instead of using the obviously deregotory term spic.
(scene in crowded nyc mcdonald's)
white boy #1- check out that sperf with the air jordans.
white boy #2- yeah. well check out the one with the crazy look on his face.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
dish found in most chinese take out joints consisting of fried rice, miscellaneous vegetables and little pieces of pork. great to order if you're poor and hungry.
i'm gonna go sell some food stamps so that i can get me some pork fried rice.
by g-ring April 26, 2007
term used to describe syringes used to shoot up drugs.
i'm gonna get me some sets at the needle excahange.
by g-ring March 27, 2007
aw yeah! is what black people(or people making fun of black people) say to express understanding any given point made by some other black person(or person making fun of black people). always to be used in a loud, low-pitched voice.
arnold- i just saw kimberly getting undressed in the bathroom that connects our rooms.
willis- aw yeah!
by g-ring April 26, 2007
a blunt that is reserved for special occasions. first you empty the tobacco out of the cigar without breaking it, then you stuff all the weed that you can into the unbroken cigar paper(usually a quarter ounce will do) by pressing it in with some object like a pen, etc. and finally you smoke it.
mike: yo, it only took me six years but i'm gonna finally graduate from high school.
shoal: oh snap! let's go smoke a grandfather blunt.
by g-ring March 28, 2007
quasi-meal usually found in most chinese take out joints. they can come in a styrofoam lid with white or pork fried rice or served alone in a greasy paper in groups of four or five.
lend me fifty cents so that i can get some chicken wings.
by g-ring April 26, 2007

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