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While getting a blowjob, you lose all control of yourself and accidentally shit your pants. If you are on a toilet, it is not a true blumpcident.
Dude, last night I was getting some head and I had a blumpcident.
by fvza4 November 10, 2009
A Drook is the date set aside by a married couple to have sex even though neither of them want to have sex with each other, often due to their physical appearance.
No, I can't go out tonight. Tonight is our drook. Tonight is going to suck.
by fvza4 November 18, 2009
A girl with a very loose vagina. The name comes from the fact that fucking them can be related to fucking an empty folgers can.
Dude, I didn't feel a thing.

Is that because you have a small dick.

No, its because she is a folgers girl.
by fvza4 November 18, 2009
To lie about one or every sexual conquest that you have ever had.
Guy 1: I swear I slept with her.

Guy 2: No, you're just barnes'n me.
by fvza4 November 18, 2009
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