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1 definition by fuzzyska

stands for anime music video. annoying videos that infest youtube. basically clips from anime's put to music (a large ammount of which are Linkin Park). These stupid videos make it very difficult to find anime series without digging through pages of stupid amv's first. Especially when they don't lable them as AMV's
Guy 1: Hey, did you find that episode where Gohan goes SS2 yet?
Guy 2: Nah
Guy 1: What about all of those?
Guy 2: Those are those faggot ass AMV's
Guy 1: There! That one doesn't say AMV on it! Click it.
AMV: I'm breaking the habbit tonight!
Guy 1 and 2: Dammit man! Por la gran puchica!
by fuzzyska September 20, 2008