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1 definition by funktion2.0

To have close friends get together at someone's house in a party-like situation without calling it a party.

Kickbacks have one simple rule. They are not parties. No illegit friends of friends of friends showing up empty handed and emptying your fridge.

Kickbacks are the stress free versions of parties where the host doesn't have to worry about shit breaking or cops being called.
There's a reason it's called a kickback; as in kickback, and relax.

"Hey bro is it cool if I invite Shawn and his bro?"
"Who's Shawn"
"One of my homeboys from the b-ball court"
"Naw dude its just a kickback, no no-names"
"Ah shit a'ight I'll see you there"
by funktion2.0 July 15, 2008