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A poo window descibes the period of time during which it is easy and comfortable to go for a poo. Missing this window may result in over-straining and discomfort!
I missed the poo window this morning coz I didnt wanna use the toilets at work.
by fulleulla February 24, 2009
Game in which a woman tries to rub her breast up against a stranger at a bar without the person noticing.
I totally just boob raped that dude at the bar
by fulleulla February 27, 2011
To go on holiday to Turkey and shag a local.
"Yeah I just got back from Marmaris where I got dirty turked by a barman called Mehmet on a sun lounger."
by fulleulla May 14, 2010
A flannel used specifically to wipe ones vagina
This fanny flannel is very soft on my bits
by fulleulla February 27, 2011

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